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Discover inspirational stories, practical lessons, and incredible achievements from a biracial, low-income boy that society had written off.

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Social Innovator

Dr. Williams creates new technology aimed at solving societal problems such as childhood obesity. Dr. Williams creates, consults, and leads programs to increase diversity in Computing and Entrepreneurship.Social Innovator


Dr. Williams coaches individuals and teams to reach their dreams, full potential, and balance in life.Coach


Dr. Williams speaks to prepare others for the technological, educational, and spiritual challenges of the 21st century.Communicator

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What Readers and Clients Say

This book is a must read for students, teachers, and parents alike – all who care about making a better future for our young people.
Dr. Lily McNair, Spelman College
Dr. Andrew Williams paints a sensitive, yet poignant portrait of a boy who morphs into a dynamic leader as he battles identity crises, finds God, makes history, and ultimately defines the statement “It’s courage that counts.”
Aryen Moore-Alsten, SpelBots Captain 2005
I found myself laughing, crying, and learning as I read Out of the Box: Building Robots, Transforming Lives. I have known and respected Andrew for twenty-five years and can assure you that this book, just like the man himself, is full of principles and lessons from which we can all benefit. Get comfortable before you start reading – because once you start, you won’t want to put it down!
Mike Jordahl, Vice President, The Navigators
I am convinced that Andrew’s story of faith and endurance will inspire readers to keep on keeping on – no matter what. Just like Andrew, they can be used as an agent of change, transforming lives for all eternity.
Pastor Leo Barbee, Victory Bible Church
Andrew’s life experiences described in this book show how his Christian faith and keen engineering mind have helped him be a positive influence on his students. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments, his strong motivation, and his success in helping students compete with the best in the world.
Dr. Carl E. Locke, Dean Emeritus, University of Kansas
Dr. Andrew Williams is an answer to the void of moral and scientific leadership. His contributions to the business, academic and faith communities have made our world a better place to live in. He is a loving husband and father, first; a minister of Jesus Christ, second and certainly a leading scientist, innovator and engineer. My congregation and I have been inspired by his life story and message.
Walter F. Harvey, Senior Pastor, Parklawn Assembly of God
At Spelman College, the artificial intelligence and bioinformatics expert inspired a generation of African American female engineers by creating the SpelBots robotics team. He now is a professor and endowed chair of electrical and computer engineering at Marquette University,
and head of its Humanoid Engineering and Intelligent Robotics Lab.
Prism Magazine, ASEE
The writing is an insightful look at the walk of faith that Andrew experienced. It is an inspiration to me, as a Christian who has become comfortable in my walk. It made me realize I need to continue to seek Gods will and direction for my life. Thank you Andrew, I truly enjoyed reading of your journey. Keep up the good work.
Charles Leithoff, Grandparent